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加州大学圣塔克鲁兹延长分校 (University of California, Santa Cru

Department of Economics 
The Department of Economics offers programs leading to the Ph.D. degree in International Economics and M.S. degree in Applied Economics and Finance. 
Ph.D. program in International Economics 
课程结合modern microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics,研究international finance and international trade。提供两个专业方向。 
1.       the incorporation of international questions and concerns into the entirety of the economics curriculum,  
2.       stress on institutional knowledge and historical contexts, building on a strong foundation in modern economic theory  
近期毕业的学生已经在很多领域工作,包括:International Monetary Fund, the U.S. Treasury, the Bank of Canada, the Swiss National Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and tenure track academic appointments at Brandeis University, the University of Wisconsin, Ryerson University, the University of Alberta, Indiana University, Mount Holyoke College, Royal London College, and the National Dong Hwa University。 
M.S. program in Applied Economics and Finance 
Master课程是为计划在business, international and domestic banking, consulting firms, government, and nonprofit organizations等领域工作人群而设计的,课程结合Applied Economics and Finance,更注重实际应用性,超过MA和大多数MBA学位,可以很好的帮助学生实现自己的职业目标。 
UCSC的经济系有26名Faculty,Faculty成员中,有8-10是本校毕业的留校学生。另外的Faculty主要来于美国TOP30大学的优 秀毕业生,比如,Berkeley两名、UWM两名、Harvard,Pennsylvania,Northwestern,Stanford各一名。 Faculty中应该有3名亚裔。师资方面,无论人员还是背景都是比较强的。 
Ph.D. Students:系里有Ph.D. Students 39名,其中有10名左右中国学生。 
Masters Students:系里有26名Masters Students,其中有2名应该是中国学生。 
Application Fee: $60 
Deadline:M.S. program is February 1st  
Ph.D. program is January 15 
Apply Online: 
GRE:We are accepting computer based GRE scores ,The GRE school code for UC Santa Cruz is 4860. 不接受GMAT成绩。 
TOEFL:550 (paper-based) or 220 (computer-based)  
TSE:Not required. 
Ph.D. Program申请要求:  
Applicants must have completed the bachelor's degree in economics. Graduates in political science or business with minors in economics may be admitted if they can demonstrate sufficient analytical aptitude and training. If the degree is in another discipline, applicants must have completed courses in intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, and economic statistics. They must also have adequate preparation in mathematics, including at least two quarters of calculus and one of linear algebra. Basic computer skills are also expected. Elective courses in international economics are recommended. 
M.S. Program申请要求:  
Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in economics, or if the degree is in another discipline, they must have completed courses in intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, and statistics. Applicants must also have adequate preparation in mathematics, including at least two quarters of calculus and one of linear algebra. Basic computer skills are also expected. 
A complete application consists of:1. Submitted online application2. $60.00 application fee (pay through the online application)3. Official transcripts from each college-level institution attended (in sealed envelopes signed by    the registrar) 4. Three letters of recommendation (can be submitted online)5. Required General GRE test scores (including TOEFL for international applicants) 
申请材料要求/寄送地址:One official transcript. from the Registrar of each institution listed (including university correspondence or extension divisions), or a statement of good standing, if work was not completed, is required. (Request that your transcripts be sent to you.) Each transcript. should be in an envelope sealed and signed by the Registrar. To expedite the processing of your application, send your transcripts (leaving each sealed envelope intact) and other required hard-copy materials together in the same envelope to:UC Santa CruzGraduate Application Processing1156 High StreetSanta Cruz, CA 95064 
Departmental financial support is based on merit. The university does not offer need-based financial aid to international applicants. The evaluation process depends on a review of your completed application, the strength of the overall applicant pool, and our target enrollment number. We have in the past offered full support to Ph.D. applicants in the form. of TAships and fellowships. Some amount of funding may be available to M.S. applicants. We let you know if you have been given financial support at the same time we notify you of an admissions decision.   
The review of applications is generally completed by March 1. Most offers of admission are prepared and mailed by March 15. Denial letters are sent thereafter. By a general agreement to which UC Santa Cruz and most graduate schools in the United States are signatories, admitted applicants have until April 15 to reply with their acceptance of fellowship offers.  
UCSC在美国综合排名第68位,在加州的众多牛校中,属于一所中等实力的大学。学校经济系比较好,Faculty除留校学生外,其他基本都来自 TOP30内,整体教学人员档次高,人员数量也不少,有26名Faculty。系里当前学生数量比较多,其中也有不少中国学生。从学校经济系的情况和往年 招收学生的情况看,UCSC经济系由于教授人数多,系比较大。所以每年新招收的学生数量较多,对中国学生比较友好,如果成绩好,机会还是比较大的。但是学 校一般不给国际学生奖学金,这点申请者一定要注意。